US Watermaker, Inc. manufactures desalinators to produce potable water from the ocean. Our desalinators use reverse osmosis technology to convert ocean water to fresh drinking water.

Product Summary

US Watermaker, Inc. designs and builds desalinators to supply drinking water to the maritime industry for use in fishing boats, tugboats, and other commercial vessels along with sailboats, pleasure yachts, and the US Coast Guard. US Watermaker, Inc. also designs, builds and installs desalinators for land-based applications in coastal regions, such as resorts, floating work stations, floating fishing lodges and entire real estate subdivisions as well as single houses located on islands or along the coast.

Company Background

Our units were initially developed in the 1970’s to serve the needs of the Northwest. Being located in the Pacific Northwest has provided us with a unique opportunity to provide drinking water solutions to maritime and land-based applications to West Coast sites up through Alaska. Since the earliest designs of our predecessor company, Sea-Land Industries, we have designed our desalination systems to accommodate for the cold water found in our region of the world, including providing units for use by commercial fishing boats operating out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. The presence of abundant marine life in these waters presents additional filtration challenges that need to be met when designing a desalination system.

Since most of our systems are used in remote locations or on vessels, we have designed our systems to be reliable and easy to maintain. Our units are designed first and foremost to be a reliable source of potable water.

While we work to make the best possible desalination equipment in the market today, we know that our equipment must work within project constraints. For that reason, we work closely with engineers and other professionals involved in a project in order to deliver customized features that those professionals determine will work best for the project.

We understand that good desalination systems come from an excellent engineering plan, proper construction and quality equipment with training and operational support. We know the importance of maintaining the flow of potable water, and we take our responsibility very seriously.

Service, Parts and Supplies

We work to design our units to be easy to maintain and repair. We realize that vessels travel all over the world therefore; we use non-proprietary parts in an attempt to make parts more readily available. In addition, US Watermaker, Inc. strives to maintain an adequate inventory of parts and supplies to be able to ship with no lead time.